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Stats: A Steady Trend

October 29, 2009


Hollidays are bad for blog stats.


Something Out of the Ordinary

March 25, 2009

… happened yesterday. It showed up in my stats:

Stats: Hits for my blogAs you can cleary see, my blog is usually checked out by someone between once and 15 times per day. The pattern has been more or less stable for at least a couple of weeks. (From that, I guess that I have between 5 and 10 more or less steady readers; I wonder who you are. Say hello!) Then, I suddenly get more than 30 hits in one day. What happened?

I got picked up by this weird web page called It’s a webpage that displays blogs that was recently updated. It shifts every few seconds, but if you see something interesting you can pause it or just click a link on the blog. So, if you’re bored or tired of your common places or simply have a couple of minutes to spare, AlphaInventions shows you something new, all the time. Weird stuff, that invention. Weird, but cool.


January 23, 2009


Somehow, I got a 27-hit day following a 21-hit day, twice! 27 hits is a very good day on my blog, indeed. My all time high is 53 hits, which happened shortly after I started the blog. January, however, is already the all time high month already, with a week to go still. Curiously enough, it’s┬áthe Who’s Who post which generates a lot of the traffic.