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Innarresting Links

September 17, 2009

Various interesting stuff:


New links

January 6, 2009

I’ve added quite a few new links recently;

  • AllMusic – Maybe the best online music resource; they offer articles, reviews, bios, discographies and suggestions. Not always updated though.
  • CEE – Center for Environmental Economics at UCSD. A research center I belong to that provides a community for researchers from different diciplines in San Diego. The center is headed by one of  my supervisors, Professor Theodore Groves.
  • HyperRust – The ultimate online resource when it comes to Neil Young; lyrics, guitar tabs, fan reports, etc.
  • It’s A Trap – A Scandinavian Music Journal. Mostly into alternative/popular/jazz music, and maybe biased towards the Swedish music scene, but great anyway.
  • Moskovitter – Friends in Moscow.
  • Neil’s Garage – Neil Young’s offical homepage. Often stream albums before release.
  • SNF – Another research institute I belong to (they finance my studies).
  • MathWorld – MathWorld is a comprehensive, online resource on mathematics. The articles are often quite technical and densly wirtten, but check out the ‘recreational mathematics’ pages and discover how fun math can be!

Please suggest interesting links in the comment section.