Visiting UC Berkeley

The Campanile at UC BerkeleyFor the spring semester, I am a visiting scholar at the Department of Agriculural and Resource Economics at UC Berkeley. I consider myself extremely lucky and privileged to be here; at arguably the very best place in the world for agricultural and resource economics. Throughout most of January, there were two job market seminars each week. The candidates were stellar, of course, but the Berkeley crowd is not easy to please. Never unfriendly, never easy.

My work here will revolve around ecosystem-based fisheries managment; mostly on the methodological and empirical side, perhaps touching upon theoretcial issues. I also audit a class on empirical environmental and energy economics, take an intensive writing class, attend seminars, and hunt down treasures in the libraries. Later in the term, I am scheduled to give a seminar myself at the ARE department.

Weekends I intend to spend in the Californian countryside,  on beaches, on carousels, trams, and cablecars, in book and record stores, and at the occasional outlet mall, among other things. Went to the big aquarium in Monterey a couple of weeks back. Among amazing displays, the tuna was the unquestionable highlight. Incredible how fast those fish fly through the water.


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