Will Americans Pay More Taxes?

Thomas Friedman thinks so. From his op-ed column in the New York Times:

I still believe that America’s rich and the middle classes would pay more taxes and trim entitlements if they thought it was for a plan that was fair, would truly address our long-term fiscal imbalances and set America on a journey of renewal that would ensure our kids have a crack at the American dream. Then again, I may be wrong. Maybe my baby-boomer generation really does intend to eat it all and leave our kids a ticking debt bomb. If only we had a second-term president, unencumbered by ever having to run again, who was ready to test what really bold leadership might produce.

Americans allergy to taxes, I will never understand. But I do think that they need to come over it to get out of the place they are in. It would be fun to see a bold Obama, but the temporary solution to avoid the fiscal cliff did not hold much promise, I think.


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