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Following up on my latest post on the Reconhub, I would like to draw attention to the great LaTeX poster template I came across. While it as always with LaTeX requires some start-up costs, it produces great posters. I was very happy with the poster below, which I prepared for a fisheries symposium in Nantes, France. In particular, I was happy with the way I could control the color scheme and harmonize it with the graded background colors. Also the relative placing of the boxes was easy to use. (Only thing was that I obviously chose the wrong format. I never did a poster before, and thought A1 would be large enough, but I had the smallest poster, everyone else had A0 or thereabouts. And of coures, you can fit in quite a bit more on an A0-poster. Luck had it I was given the opportunity to give an oral presentation at the symposium instead.) Go to Brian Amberg’s page for more examples, and for the template files of course.

A couple of ideas for a poster: Use images with invinsible background, like my NHH logo. It does not look pretty with a white frame around it unless you have a plain, white background (which is boring). I wanted to have my fishes (the foodweb illustration in the poster below) without background, but did not have the skills or software to do that. I also thought putting up a QR-code was a neat idea. It links directly to my academic profile. After I put it there, I found out that if the poster is put somewhere without coverage, the QR-code is rather useless. I should also have checked whether the page it links to is readable in compact (mobile) format and works on most platforms. (But who has an iThing, a blackberry, and an Android phone handy, all at once, when you need it?) There are a couple more things to be aware of when using QR-codes, be sure to google it. I messed around with the font size a bit, not sure I found the optimal combination of text, air, and other content. Here, I found it a bit difficult to control box sizes and stuff. If a text is too large for a given box, the box either expands or goes outside the box, depending on how you are setting it up. Takes some time to get the hang of. But, I strongly recommend the LaTeX Poster Template, I am sure it makes much nicer posters than for example PowerPoint.

Kvamsdal Poster 2012


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