Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett

While things grinds to a halt and life as I knew it is coming to an end, sort of, I’be been reading Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s very fine book Good Omens. It is something as rare as a novel written by not one, but two great authors. While I knew some of Gaiman’s work pretty well, I had not read any of Pratchett’s. I’ve heard of its reputation, though. Good Omens was published in 1990, at a time when none of them were the superstars they are today. I came across my copy in a flea market last year. I think it was unread, for reasons I cannot understand. Because it is a great book. And a little bit strange. It has to be, I guess, being a funny book about the Apocalypse. And it really is funny. I laughed out loud, several times, while reading in public spaces, something my Norwegian nature otherwise forbids (no, not forbidding  to read in public spaces, but to laugh out loud, I’m making a mess of this, I’m sorry; not fully coherent today, it seems).

The foreword serves a taste of the great fun that lies ahead of the reader and tells of the passion readers have embraced the book with:

[…] Good Omens was written by two people who at the time were not at all well know except by the people who already knew them. They weren’t even certain it would sell They certainly didn’t know they were going to write the most repaired book in the world. (Believe us: We have signed a delightful large number of paperbacks that have been dropped in the bath, gone a worrying brown color, got repaired with sticky tape and string, and, in one case, consisted entirely of loose pages in a plastic bag. On the other hand, there was the guy who’d had a special box made up of walnut and silver filigree, with the paperback nestiling inside on black velvet. There were silver runes on the lid. We didn’t ask.) Etiquette tip: It’s okay, more or less, to ask an author to sign your arm, but not good manners to then nip around to the tattoo parlor next door and return half an hour later to show them the inflamed result.

I strongly recommend this book. It will put brightness into your life.


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