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A Report from Montréal

July 1, 2010

‘This week, I’m attending the Fourth World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists in Montréal. It’s been great so far, except my own presentation was a bit of a mess. I presented in the morning session on the first day and I was exhausted from the travel. That’s just an excuse, but it is what it is. Been to a lot of interesting sessions. The difficult thing is always to choose between the sessions. Yesterday afternoon, for example, I had to drop Thomas Kuhn for the session on Ethics and Social Norms.

Yesterday, AERE, EAERE, and FEEM presented their FEEM 20th Anniversary Prize to Resources for the Future and Marty Weitzman. Worthy winners, for sure. I attended Weitzman’s presentation on Tuesday and it was great, as expected. Depressing conclusions on the dismalness of economics (when it comes to climate change, that is), but important research nonetheless, the way I see it.

I’m discovering Montréal a little bit at the time. As Tom Sterner said in the first plenary session, it was a great idea to have a jazz festival in parallell with the conference, and I wholeheartedly agree. I just wish I had more time to enjoy the festival; the conference and surrounding arrangements takes 15 hours a day. My hotel, I have discovered, I just at the intersection between the shopping district, the jazz festival area, the Chinese quarter, and a more questionable and run down area with strip joints on every corner. To get to the conference site, I have to traverse the strip club area, which certainly adds to my ‘daily’ experience of Montréal.

Gotta run; more session to attend to, more people to meet, more fun to be had.