Nobody Reads the Introduction

The ‘unofficial’ (it’s not linked to from his official page) homepage of Ken Judd was brought to my attention. Ken Judd demonstrates the resistance against computational methods he has met in economics. In particular, he shows the ignorance and insulting attitude displayed by editors of Econometrica and members of the Econometric society. Of course, it’s a serious matter, and as far as I can tell, Ken’s anger and frustration is warranted. It is entertaining too, when Ken reports some of the stupidity he has to deal with:

The lead article of the silver anniversary volume of Econometrica began with an inaccurate description of the math programming literature, ignoring methods developed over 30 years ago. Trying to defend this paper, [a former/current North American council member of the Econometric Society] said, “It really did no harm since no one reads introductions.” I agree that experts in a field likely don’t read introductions, but is that the only audience? My reply was “I bet many graduate students read introductions.” I guess the lesson here is that readers should not trust introductory material in Econometrica articles.

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