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Those using the Beamer package in LaTeX to generate slideshows are perhaps interested in a theme which mimics the classic Keynote style. I’ve used Beamer for years and got bored with the old Madrid theme I was using (which looks really great, I just wanted something new). I’ve used the Lankton-Keynote theme a couple of times and like it a lot.  I had some trouble setting up the footer to count slides and such, so I’ve used the theme without the bar at the bottom. It’s a bit unfortunate without the bar sometimes, however, but then I don’t like the way it looks, either. (Something to thing about before my WCERE 2010 presentation!)

With the Lankton-Keynote theme, my slides look like this:

Pretty fancy, or what?

UPDATE: I realized I have customized the Lankton-Beamer theme slightly. I took out the package ‘beamerthemesplit’ to get a cleaner look (no frames around title and headings). I also found a way to add slidenumbers, just add the following command to the preamble:

\setbeamertemplate{footline}[frame number]

It simply gives the slidenumber and the total in the bottom left corner. I tried to add more fancy stuff (authors, short title) to the footer, but it became a mess.

UPDATE 2: Here’s how it looks with slidenumbers and a logo:

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  1. Useful CV-setup for LaTeX « Kvams Says:

    […] Fancy Keynote Beamer Theme […]

  2. Rafa Santos (@lrsantos11) Says:

    Hellow Sturlla. I liked a lot your theme. Can you give us a link to download the new theme and some tex example?

    Best Regards,


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