One Year with Kvams

It is now exactly one year since I started this blog. It’s been 156 posts (including this one), 2 pages (I planned to publish my About page on this anniversary, but ended up postponing it, again), 11 categories, and no less than 486 tags. More interestingly, maybe, Have I achieved anything of what I wanted with this blog?

Well, I’ve discussed books, some rather extensively (to a blog, at least [I think]); the blog at times may look like a discussion with myself (although that point has gone lost on me for a long time; however, it is obviously not a discussion with anyone else; it feels like talking to myself [and the occasional stray dog wandering in from Google], but that was also a part of the point); I’m not as critical as I’d ideally be, I think (I know!); I’ve certainly got a lot of writing exercise; I haven’t discussed music to the extent that I originally imagined and wanted (I’ve realized it takes a lot of effort to write well, originally and creatively about music); it’s definitively been an ‘outlet’ (or arena, I don’t know) for my narcisissm and a distraction; I’ve posted on both interesting (to me) and important (to me) stuff, I’ve even posted on fun (to me) stuff; finally, I’ve let myself down on the weather in Bergen (oh well, not much to talk about, really).

In conclusion, I’m quite happy with both my input and the outcome of Kvams. More often than not have I kept up a steady posting rate, and even though I’m quoting other blogs, articles and stuff quite heavily, I think I contribute a fair share myself. In all, I’m looking forward to more blogging.


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