Summer is here!

Summer has arrived together with 110 exams in ‘International Trade & Economic Growth’ for me to grade. With maybe 15 pages per exam on average, that is more than 1500 pages to read! Luckily, most of it is written in terrible handwriting so it is really hard to figure out.

Summer is supposed to be lazy. It’s been rather busy for me so far (I haven’t even found the time and energy necessary to blog much lately.) Among the things I’ve been thinking (and still intend) to blog about, however, is chaos theory (I met George Sugihara on my trip to Alaska; he’s a very brilliant scientist who gave a lecture on how to use chaos theory to understand and describe biological time series), a book on statistical significance I’ve read, discuss a post on the Coase theorem from Environmental Economics, and maybe I’ll post some pictures from Alaska. I also intend to improve my blog a little (I’m reading Andrew Keen’s critique of the web 2.0 and I’ll try to take the consequences; I’ll blog about Keen’s book when I’ve read it). But, all this will have to wait until I’m done with my pile of grading work.


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