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I’ve added a tag cloud to my blog; you’ll find it  at the bottom of the right hand side panel. It is an alphabetical list of the tags I use the most, and the relative size of each tag is related to how often the different tags are used. (I guess I’m the only one so backward that I think I need to explain a tag cloud, but anyway.)

The tag clouds tells me some interesting things. First of all, I spend too much time reciting and discussing discussions from Freakonomics. Second, I’ve probably spent more time and space on the financial crisis than warranted (see also bailout). Finally, there are a lot of names in that cloud. Names may not be the best tags, but I find it naturally to add tags of the names I mention in posts (I’m not entirely sure why, though).

I also realized that the tag cloud is not a perfect representation of what I write about the most. I write a lot about books, for example; it doesn’t show in the tag cloud (even though some of the author’s names and names of the books surface in the cloud, one need to know what to look for to see that). A surf to the ‘Literature’ catagory will show that I’ve posted quite a lot on books.

I think I still like the tag cloud, dispite it’s imperfectness (what is perfect, anyway?). It remains to see how it will affect what I write about and how I use tags…


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