Fisheries Economics, a Useless Science?

I came across this paper out there on the world wide web; it’s written by Wim Davidse. Here’s the abstract:

The paper questions the usefulness of fisheries economics, following some statements that express the uselessness of business economics in a leading Dutch journal on this discipline. These statements are:

The contribution to practice is very limited. Solutions are implemented in practice without consulting theories;

Theoretical assumptions use to be far from practice. Expressing utilities in monetary values will only partly explain the behaviour of entrepreneurs.

Theoretical outcomes are self-evident or only explain in retrospect rationality of business decisions.

Theories only need to satisfy our need for knowledge and are as such a kind of ‘l’art pour l’art’.

The paper applies these four observations to fisheries economics and gives some examples in this discipline. In a more positive way the specific contribution of fisheries economics to fisheries management and to business practice is investigated. Finally, some recommendations are formulated.

Jumping to the conclusions:

[F]isheries economics is nota as useless as business economics […] since there have been clear contributions to the practice of fisheries management. […] Answering the question in the title of this contribution I will say that fisheries economics is a useful science in combination with other sciences and with practical knowledge.



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