Computer Time

I just calculated that if I were to solve the problem I’m working on numerically on the finest grid possible, it would take my poor laptop more than a thousand years to finish the job! That is, 0.537594 seconds per node on more than 6.8*10^11 nodes! (Ugly notation, I know, this ‘quickpress’ editor doesn’t impress.) A thousand years; that’s depressing. Less than 10% of the output would be interesting to me, however, so, by making my routine take care of that, I’m down to only a hundred years! Hm. I’ll settle for a coarser grid, I guess; I’ll be down to a little more than 150 000 nodes, which my computer should be able to take care of in approximately 20 minutes.

I could buy a new computer instead. The one I have is almost 4 years and needs replacement anyway. I doubt, however, that computers have reached the state where they can make a hundred years go away yet, but maybe they can prevent me from posting nonsense in the middle of the night?


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