Dungen + The Soundtrack of our Lives

Last night, I attended a double-concert at USF Verftet in Bergen with the two Swedish bands Dungen and The Soundtrack of my Life. Earlier, I’ve mentioned Dungen as my new favourite; I’ve been aware of Soundtrack for a while, but have never listened very much to them.

It was a great experience. Dungen did both old and new songs; I was naturally more familiar with the older ones and enjoyed them sligthly more. The guitarist did a lot of truly impressive guitarwork despite seemingly having problems with the equipment from time to time. What I missed was maybe a second guitarist that could make the sound picture more complete; particularly when Gustav (the front man) was not playing his el-piano. Soundtrack did an amazing set, combining both acoustic and intense, electric moments.  My personal highpoint was when they played a Nick Drake cover. It worked surprisingly well in an upbeat rock setting and demonstrated once again to me Nick Drake’s genius.

Below is an acoustic version of Dungen’s ‘Det tar tid,’ performed in the narrow corridors of an old theatre; enjoy!


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