Life suddenly became busy, and I haven’t been able to post for a couple of weeks. In the meantime, the U.S. recession is official (and Jim is not surprised, of course), I’ve organized the department Christmas Party (which took a lot more time than I’d hoped and planned for), I’ve presented some of my work at the Third Joint PhD Workshop in Economics (joint workshop between the economics departments at the University of Bergen and the Norwegian School of Economics & BA), I wasn’t able to avoid disaster, unfortunately (I was not prepared well enough), I’ve seen Lord Kelvin live at Landmark (which was really great, by the way), and Tim Haab at the Environmental Economics blog has dug up some very strange research (I wonder if this guy has heard of spurious regressions; I hope so).

Other than that, I’ve finished the first volume on a biography of the Norwegian hero Thor Heyerdal and started reading Hot, Flat, and Crowded, a book by Thomas L. Friedman. It’s an interesting book, I plan to post some of my thoughts on it later.

I also hope I’ll be able to sustain a more steady posting rate in the future compared to the last weeks. The Christmas season is just around the corner, however, so it might be quiet around here for a while still. I’ve also realized that I need to seriously speed up my work with my doctoral thesis if I want to submit it before my funds run out; I might have to spend less time blogging (I think I’ve cut it to the bone when it comes to sleep, social activities, and physical excercise already).


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