Once, the new musical

OnceI saw this movie with my wife this summer, and I just loved it. I was kind of skeptical when I learned it was kind of a musical. Well, this is the new musical! The music is teriffic! (And there’s no inappropriate dancing!) Not that I put too much weight on it, but the movie won an Oscar for ‘Best song.’ In most musicals, you have actors singing or pretending to. In this one you have musicians singing and acting (or pretending, I don’t know). It works very well, I guess they are helped by the fact that the movie is sort of ‘lo-fi’ and certainly ‘lo-budget’. The main male character is played by Glen Hansard from the band ‘The Frames.’ Much of the music in the movie is by him and his band. Marketa Irglova plays his opposite; she is occationally a guest singer in ‘The Frames.’

One of the best songs in the movie (watch it, the scene with this song had such an impact on me) is ‘Say it to me now’ and is in the first scene if my memory serves me right. I can certainly envision that the song became somewhat iconic for the movie; it is used as ‘promotion’ in the clip below. You may don’t want to see it if you want to keep it pristine until you see the movie, put I cannot resist posting it here. It is such a great song.


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