Dungen – my new favourite

I got a new favourite band: Dungen from Sweden. Dungen plays psychedelic rock with influences from jazz, indie, prog, and folk music. Dungen has been around for quite a while, I don’t understand why I haven’t discovered them earlier. They released the album ‘4’ last month, here is a small taste of it. ‘4’ is maybe less aggressive than earlier efforts, with more piano and less guitar, something that suits Dungen very well. Dungen’s music varies a lot, both between albums, but also within each album there is a great varitey of themes and styles; the variation is one thing a like about Dungen. Favourite tracks so far is ‘Samtidig 1,’ Samtidig 2,’ and ‘Ingenting Är Sig Likt’ from ‘4,’ and ‘Ta Det Lungt,’ ‘Sluta Följa Efter,’ and ‘Festival’ from the ‘Ta Det Lungt’ album. The ‘Samtidig’ tracks (‘Samtidig’ translates to ‘at the same time’) are seemingly cuts from instrumental jams. A remarkable thing with Dungen is that even though they sing in Swedish, they have gained some sort of popularity in both the UK and US; they’ve been touring and are releasing records there.

Here is more Dungen, where music from ‘4’ is presented in a stripped down setting with only piano and drums. It’s something else!

UPDATE: Forgot to mention their homepage, with news, movies, and all the usual stuff. Check it out!

Hat tip: It’s a Trap.


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