Manchester Orchestra

I discovered this band by chance while I lived in California. I was in a record store and found the cover of their debut (and so far only) album interesting (It has a cool name too: I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child). I listened to 2 mins. of track number 7 (Sleeper 1972; the content of the songs are often surprising given the age and experience of these guys, particularly the main songwriter Andy Hull; this one I think is about his dead father, which, by the way, is not dead at all), liked it and bought the record. Later I saw them live at the House of Blues in San Diego, and while I really like the record I loved their live performance. It was a short set (festival), but intense. The closer “Where Have You Been?” was monumental, and seemingly always is:

I could probably write a lot about this band. For example, it is worth checking out their podcasts (you’ll find them on their webpage or on youtube) which has a lot of fun stuff and you almost get the feeling that you know the band. However, I’ll won’t (write a lot), but just mention their recent EP ‘Let My Pride Be What’s Left Behind’. The first track, ‘I Can Feel a Hot One’ (available as mp3 here) is just beautiful and shows another side of the band than the clip above.


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  1. Brother Says:

    Nice!!! This kind of music can take you a long way from work and in to a different world (especially ‘I Can Feel a Hot One’). Thanks – I needed that break. He he.

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