Why I fucked up and why not, and why not?

So, whenever a good idea comes along, ever so small, it is important to get it down on paper (or blog or whatever; in writing) before it evaporates. I had a lucid moment while on the bus home from work today; I came up with the perfect title for my not-yet-written autobiography! ‘Why I fucked up and why not, and why not?’ What do you think? As most ideas, it has caveats (and quite a few). But let me discuss why I like it first.

I like it because it tells you three things, and not very many titles do that. So, it’s kind of clever, maybe too clever, but I tend to like clever things; particularly my clever things. Anyway, the title tells you that I fucked up and whatever follows (not necessarily a book, that is) tells you why. But, as most things, the story (of my life, presumably) has more than one potential take. (I think that is a proper use of ‘take’, according to dictionary.com ‘take’ has more than 120(!) different possible definitions, the one I use here is no. 71, I think, or 72.) So, the text that follows my brilliant title would also argue for why I not fucked up (obviously assuming that fucking up seems the most trivial conclusion). Finally, the title promise to argue for the apprehension (am more uncertain of ‘apprehend’ here) of fucking up, or at what seemingly is fucking up but might not be that in the appropriate perspective. That was four things, actually.

It’s like the title has several layers, and may be confusing at first. (I like to confuse, it may give me the upper hand as long as I don’t get confused myself.) Now, all this requires (here comes the caveats) is that I live my life (that is, survive), fuck up (seemingly) and have a good reason for it, or maybe just a helluva interesting life. A tall order, I admit. And of course, the autobiography would probably sell better if something followed the title. On a second thought (the first was on the bus), it may not be necessary to fuck up. All it takes is to do something that can be described in a simple word (to keep the title short). For example, if I make it (what?), it would be ‘Why I made it, why not, and why not?’ I’ll keep you posted on other twists I can come up with.


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