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There’s a post on new words on the Freakonomics blog. (Posted by Stephen J. Dubner a while ago.) I don’t know if I have anything sensible to say about it; I just thought it was funny. I don’t have any new English words, I’m afraid. (I did come up with a word that those present (in a bar) had not heard before while in the US, however; I said I wanted a more ‘draftish’ beer. On another note I’m looking for words that does not exists all the time at, but that does not mean I’ve invented new words if you know what I mean.)

I have some Norwegian words that would be new to most people, though. How about ‘skræta’? Or ‘nirda’? I don’t know how these words came about, suddenly all my friends were using them. (If I’m not mistaken, none of my friends really know how the words came about either.) The words were used as substitutes for body parts young males tend to refer to a lot. A word I participated in giving a new dimension, if not necessarily a new meaning, is the word ‘slum’ (Norwegian for getto; poor neighborhood) (a more appropriate spelling would be ‘sluum’, which actually would make it a new word, but that would maybe be cheating). A situation is ‘slum’ when it is uncomfortable, tiresome,  boring or otherwise bad in some sense.

My wife has come up with a new word, by the way. ‘Beintmålar’ is another word for the instrument you use when checking that something is horizontal (Norwegian: Vater). A great word, I think. Anyone else?


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