Dagbladet reviews TV on the Radio

The Dagbladet reviews (Dagbladet is a Norwegian daily newspaper) the latest ‘TV on the Radio’ record. The review is entitled ‘When are they gonna make the bad record?’ (translated by me of course) . How stupid are these reviewers? It is the band’s third record. Music history is full of bands and artists capable of pleasing the same person with three consecutive albums (which is the core issue here). I won’t name examples. Guess why? I see this as a demonstration of the use-and-throw mentality of our times and the narrow mindedness of the reviewer. Crap, dude, crap.


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2 Responses to “Dagbladet reviews TV on the Radio”

  1. Brother Says:

    Jepp, jepp. Crap, crap.
    What do we know about the albume after we have read the review?
    We know who made it and the name of the album.
    We know that the reviewer likes the album.
    Lukily we know that the albume contains happy and sad songs (in the genre of pop? or is it indierock, funk, doo-wop, elektronikk?) 😛

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