Bank of America: Stone Age Banking

Bank of America cannot make international wire transfers unless I meet up in person. Can. Not. Make. Transfer. Since I am already abroad, they cannot help me. No way. We are in 2008, in the electronic age. But no. I even informed the bank of my plans before I left, but they did not warn me that their online banking service is a joke. Their online banking service is a joke. What can I do with the online service? Watch my balance? Ooo! Fancy. Not. One would maybe expect that their personal service was good, since they want you to meet up all the time. But no, it is bad. They are lazy, they hate you and they cannot accept coins! You cannot deposit coins! I cannot believe this is the biggest bank in America. It sucks.

As a friend of me with the same problem said, “The Americans can send a tin can to Mars, but cannot wire money abroad…”

PS: I am not the only one having problems with this bank. Just google.

UPDATE: Obviously, I wrote this post in the heat of the moment. Take it into account.


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