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Finally. My own blog. I have been thinking about starting my own blog for a long time, and I have a long list of things I want to write about. I will keep the blog in english. Why I blog and why I in english blog want I return to will. But this first post I want to spend on an old favourite band of mine.

The Norwegian band Locomotives was the band that opened my eyes to a different way of appreciating music. They caught my attention with the hit single ‘Mind’.  ‘Mind’ is a great rock song; brilliant for creating havoc at parties (which is one criteria great rock songs should be measured against). More important (to me) than ‘Mind’, however, is the fourth and last track on the single; ‘Sugar’. On ‘Sugar’, Locomotives demonstrate their potential to make truly great music. What is great music? I have to return to that question. The point here is that ‘Sugar’ left a lasting impression on me, and I can still listen to the track and appreciate it on a different level than I do when listening to much other music, ‘Mind’ for example.  Locomotives continued to make a lot of great music throughout their career (in particular, check out their debut album ‘Locomotives’ and ‘Life is Beautiful’ from the EP ‘Universe’), which ended when their record company in the US went bankrupt. Most of the members later formed the band ‘Amundsen’ which released one self-titled album. ‘Amundsen’ is currently inactive. Among the creative forces in both bands, Kaare Vestrheim have been very successful as a producer and, if I’m not mistaken, was recently mentioned between the most powerful people in Norway. Impressive.

Another thing that I found attractive with Locomotives was their approach to the creative process. Listed on their fan mailinglist as I was, I got some glimpses and hints on how they made their music. Isolation was key, and I find much music made in isolation to be great. It is often of a different quality. Maybe because they know that they won’t ‘get out’ before they are satisfied and strech their abilities a little longer. And maybe they subconsciously lower their built-in standard and end up with something that is not a perfect mirror of their original idea. I tend to like things that are not perfect. It somehow gives room for your own ideas. Or maybe I’m wrong.


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